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"Thanks to your company for creating such an excellent product!! I’ve been suffering with thick dry patches of skin on my hands since 2006. I’ve tried everything else out there- including highly touted products, balms, and oils, and none of them have been as effective as your cream. I wish I had taken ‘before’ pictures, but quite frankly, I didn’t put much hope in your product…boy was I wrong! Keep up the great work. John L."


As the ultra dry air and cold temperatures move in and our skin is exposed to it, blood circulation to the distal extremities diminishes as small blood vessels retreat to preserve body temperature. The skin is deprived of Krebs Cycle nutrients and water, resulting in dead dry skin that actually starts in the skin's Dermis layer and eventually work it's way to the top layer or Epidermis. This condition usually shows itself first in the distal extremities and nail margins.

Common hand lotions merely oil the skin, but fail to re-hydrate. HerillaFingerHydration is not a hand lotion, it was formulated as a healing gel to provide relief to dry, cracked fingers and skin by restoring vital oil and water into the skin. Lotions and moisturizers were designed to work on the top layer of skin but once a dry, cracked skin condition presents itself, they do not offer much relief. Other hand creams are only designed to stay on the skin's surface and because they are mostly oils, they do not penetrate the skin's top layer and fail to deliver ingredients where it is needed to provide any relief for your condition.

HerillaFingerHydration is different because it is not a lotion or moisturizer. It is formulated to re-hydrate the second layer of skin. Its dual-phase formula blends together a carrier whose purpose is to hold the hydrating formula and drive past the top layer of skin; this process delivers nutrients to the skin's top layer where the dry, cracked condition actually exists.


After the initial condition is relieved, continual use provides constant hydration to the Dermis and help ensure the dry, cracked condition does not return.


In fact, we are so confident about our product, that we offer 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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